Floral design is truly a form of art; a form of art that we have taken the last 10+ years to master. We are continually learning, experimenting, evolving our design skills with some of the best in the industry.  Our design style is lush, natural and romantic. We like to take cues from nature when designing and excel at utilizing color theory when selecting blooms. By drawing out subtle hues, that often times go unnoticed, can help expand and elevate a simple color palette to one with depth and dimension.  





Over the last 12 years, Oak and Amble has worked tirelessly to create a cohesive brand and design style.  We often use numerous varieties of high end flowers and foliage in our designs so that they have texture, dimension and are full, lush and inspired by nature. Because of that, these designs are more expensive to create.


our Pricing

We feel it's important a minimum must be set for our services and have a modest minimum of $4,000.  This minimum increases as your guest count and bridal party increases as well.  Although our minimum is $4,000, the average proposals we send out are between $6,000-8,000.  We also provide Event Design consultations for those looking for a more curated approach to their wedding.

ey, I'm Erin!  Just a laid back girl originally from Northern Michigan.  I'm the one woman show behind Oak and Amble.  The name Oak and Amble comes from memories of my childhood and has continued to reflect my adult life. Growing up in the woods of Northern Michigan, my sisters and I would take walks in the woods to get to the park, bike rides to get ice cream and having acorn fights in the fall.

I married my college sweetheart, Geoff, and together with our dog Lucy, two cats Moe and Dexter and our tornado/dinosaur hybrid toddler Logan, we travel all of the United States with the Navy, transporting my business where ever we go and leaving an acorn of myself where ever we have been.